Involving vehicle with foreign plates

If you are involved in an accident in Cyprus with a vehicle with foreign registration plates, you must:  

− Call the Police to attend and record the accident.

− Note down the registration number of the foreign vehicle and its country of origin.

− Ask from the foreign driver to present his/her Green Card or insurance policy.

− Contact the Cyprus International Insurance Bureau as soon as possible.


•  If the foreign insurance company has appointed a Correspondent in Cyprus, the Cyprus International Insurance Bureau will advise you to contact the Correspondent of the foreign insurance company.

•  If the foreign insurance company has not appointed a Correspondent in Cyprus, our Bureau (MIF) will handle your claim in accordance with the terms of the Internal Regulations.


Our Bureau has to inspect the damage of your vehicle before repairs have started. Also you have to complete a prescribed claim form, attaching the insurance documents and the certificate of registration of your vehicle. In case of bodily injuries, medical certificates must also be attached.


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